Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Well, still no Gypsy from Ideal world!! So been onto them again and I have been assured that my missing parts will be sent out today...Lets hope so eh!!

Cannot believe what I have had to go through to obtain the missing parts. Anyway whilst I've been waiting I've been looking to purchase an Expression .. may have said that before but hey I'm over 40 so I'm aloud to repeat myself. I'm over 40 so I'm aloud to repeat myself.....hee hee. So my Cricut original is up for sale.. will be sad to see it go but can't have it all ..

Hopefully by the weekend I will be posting my work helped along by my gypsy... I am so envious of all of you that received yours complete .. Will keep you posted on my gypsy.. xx

19.30hrs - Just had a phone call from Ideal world to say that my missing charges will be sent out today via special delivery post ... Let's watch that space eh.

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