Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dipping my toe into another crafting location

Well I've not blogged for some time as you can see and feel guilty about it every day.  We all make promises and I promised to update my blog everyday and failed!!

I suppose we can all say we lead busy lifes and work strange hours, I know both apply to me, however, time out is so so important. 

So where am I at right now??  Well at the moment I'm in France where I have been since 16th January taking care of my son who chefs at Restaurant Umia under the world famous pastry chef and Mr Chocolate himself Monsieur Frederic Bau.  

My son decided on 15th January to go for a 25km cycle ride on the ViaRhona cycle route near to where he lives.  He's bought a new bike on the Tuesday and looked forward to his ride out.  2-3 Km before the end of his cycle and I do point out at this time the purpose of the cycle trip was he was going off to see Valence Cathedral; he crashed!!  Over the handlebars he went and broke both his arms and gravel rashed the right side of his face and shoulder quite severely.  I had text him earlier in the day like I normally do on a Sunday to say text me when you want me to call.  He text me around 1pm and said can you phone me tonight please.  So I thought he'd gone off with work friends to do something.  I text him straight back and said "enjoy your day and I'll call you later"  Later came and still no text from him so I text him again and said "are you OK?"
He phoned me straight away and said actually I'm not OK I'm been at the hospital all afternoon and I have two broken arms.  Within ten minutes of the phone call my flight was booked and I had called my boss to say what was happening and explained I was unsure how long I'd be away.

My husband and I arrived the next day and had to evaluate our findings.  It was agreed that I would stay until my son was well again and that my husband would return to the UK a few days later.

I have been here ever since and fortunately bought some form of crafting with me.

I had started a cross stitch about 18 months ago... and not got very far!!  I don't normally do cross stitching so being here was a chance for me to get on with it ... no door bell, no phone ringing, just me and the cross stitch and the occasional stop to help my son.  I started with a bookmark cross stitch which I had put in the same bag without knowing and finished it within a couple of hours.  I really enjoyed doing it more than I let on.  My husband and my son said "oh no, not another craft."  So then I was ready for the one I started all that time ago.  

I started it but only worked on it in the evenings as I knew it had to last me.  Before I knew it I had finished it and was now tapping my fingers as I had nothing else to do.  

So I looked up craft shops in France !! MMMmmm Don't the French craft???

I ended up in Lyon for the day just window shopping and by sheer chance found a craft shop in the shopping mall called Loisir Creatif.  I looked around but had to consider I only had hand luggage space.  I found crafts in there that lots of you already do and know about but I had always dismissed.  So when I go home I'm going to try Decopatch and mosaic 
I did end up buying another cross stitch which fortunately was in their chuck out bin.  I paid 4 euros and it was marked up as 25 euros... result eh!!
So that's where I'm at ... cross stitching my little heart out.  

I will carry on cross stitching when I get home and I already have the threads that I purchased online being sent for my return.  I also bought some aida from Loisir Creatif in Lyon and I bought an amazing magazine/ book from the Intermarche supermarket.... so my next three projects regarding cross stitch are already lined up.

I have also used my time to research where I want my cardmaking and scrapbooking to go next.

I bought a sewing machine before I came away so I've got a couple of projects already on the go.  

Anyhow I'll try ... yes try to blog more now but for the time being here's the cross stitching 

Book Mark came first just to see if I still
had the patience for cross stitch

The bear that I started so so long ago 

Really enjoyed stitching this one.  Faye Whittakers
Quiet moments collection