Friday, 20 November 2009


Well I've not been on here for ages. Personal life became very hectic and with one thing and another my blog had to go to the back of the queue. My father in law is dying of pancreatic cancer and I've been diagnosed with Inflammatory bowel disease in the form of ulcerative colitis. Good days and bad days ... more bad than good but hey ho ..

I still have the most wonderful husband although he has his moments!! Two wonderful teenage boys .. who I love more than life itself. If only they knew how much they just would not believe it.

So back to the present and my blog... I need to get on here more I really really do.

I just bought .. oops sorry my husband has just bought me a Cricut Gypsy. Gyspy delivered and all excited I open it up and turn it on ... Wow this little machine is amazing. Hold on there's no power cables so I cannot charge this machine when the battery dies.... Hey I'm getting into this now ... O my god!! The battery has gone .. no power cables so I phone Ideal World and tell them of my missing parts. Don't worry I am told, we'll raise an enquiry and find out if you should have some power cables!! Erm hello ... Surely you would not buy a new car and not expect a key!!

Would you????

So we're now 5 days on and still nothing.. Phone Ideal World again and I am told I'll have to leave it until Wednesday. I know when I get this sorted out I will be very happy with my gypsy but until then I just keep looking at videos and other peoples work from their gypsy's and work myself up.

Can't wait to post some Gypsy work on here.... Stay tuned.

Have a great weekend


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