Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Thanks Jessie

So I was looking around at other peoples blogs and found this blog that was asking for you to comment with the chance of winning blog candy... Yay I thought ... I should try that ... I just don't win anything ... I'm always one number out with the christmas raffle, so why would I be that lucky.

Anyway I commented and then the next day I fell ill and just forgot all about it. Then a few days later I received an email to say I had won a set of nestabilities. My name had been selected by Heidi's daughter.

I received my blog candy together with a lovely Penny Black stamped card from Heidi. This was so sweet of Heidi and it really cheered me up.

You hear so many awful things nowadays and sometimes you start to believe that there are no nice people left..... But there are.

I made Heidi's daughter who chose my comment a card and I received a lovely photo of Jessie in return. I will not post my lovely photo but I'll share the card I made for Jessie instead.

Keep smiling Jessie


Friday, 3 October 2008

My babies birthday ... Oh he's 15

OOhh i'm getting excited. It's my youngest sons birthday on Sunday. He'll be 15 and he's so into VW campers its untrue. So I've made him a VW card. His name is Rhys but we call him Noonie. Don't ask why we just do. Nigel on Create and Craft calls him Noonie Noonie the crafting loonie.... yes he helps me craft and he's quite good. He seems to know just what colours to put together and whats hip and whats not so hip.

Noon plays guitar and his band are called The Lost. He's been saving really hard and not going out with his mates has been difficult, but he is very focused. So on Sunday with his savings and birthday dosh he can go and get himself another guitar and wha wha pedal. How many dresses does one girl need ?? Hee Hee

Both my kids were premmies and to me it makes them just that little bit more special. Both my boys had big problems when they were born, but they are fighters and they are both here to tell the tale.
To top the lot when Noonie was 6 years old I was working nights and at 1 o'clock in the morning my husband phoned me to tell me Noon was unwell and that I should come home straight away. I don't drive and obviously my husband could not come out to me. So I ran home across the park in the pitch black and when I got in I went straight to the hospital with Noon. He had contracted meningitis - our world fell apart. He's fine now and he's proven to us that if you fight back you can get through the trash thats dealt to you.
I'm sure anyone reading this loves their kids with all their heart. I love mine too. Please go tell your kids how much you love them. I tell mine everyday ... several times a day!!
Enjoy your kids like theres no tomorrow

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Where did I begin

A few years ago my brother and sister in law bought a handmade card from their local hospital for our wedding anniversary. I was really pleased with the card and whilst sitting looking at all our cards one evening, I thought to myself - hey I could do that.

So I asked for a pack of card blanks and some other basics for my birthday. My birthday came and I started my crafting.

The first card or two I made were so basic. I've kept them to look back on now and again. They are so bad!!!

Since then my crafting goodies have multiplied big time. I am a great believer in the best tools do the best job. Hence I had to have a Cricut machine, Big shot was my 40th birhtday pressie plus a range of texturz plates and dies, Bind it all was a want, but now wouldn't be without it. Vast range of embossing boards, cds are a real must for me. Joanna Sheen, Chris Warner, Cupcake, Create and Craft trilogy are all used day in and day out.

I craft like there is no tomorrow and I most probably get on everyones nerves keep going on and on and on about it ..... But I love it.
Unfortunately I do not have a craft room ... YET.
All my craft goodies are kept in drawer systems and I tend to take over the dining room as most crafters do that do not have their own craft room.