Sunday, 28 June 2009

Stooooop!! I'm calling "Time Out"

Well today is Sunday 28th June 2009. Tomorrow my husband has a track day at Donington Park courtesy of Dunlop Tyres through our tyre wholesaler. He goes today as we live about 200 miles away and obviouly he needs to be fresh as a daisy for the track.

So whilst my mans away I shall play... Crafting heaven here I come.

I'm deciding today whether or not to purchase the Sure cuts a lot software ... Think by the end of the day I will... Looks like the way to go to me. If you know different then let me know.

Today I shall be making a word book with the help of my Cricut and My craft studio software (who I now design samples for)

I've been doing a lot of work lately in lilac and pastel greens but today I think I'm in a blue, cream and rust mood so I guess today will be male orientated. Does that mean I'm missing my man already???

My word of the day today is Contagious ... Why ????? Because I hope if you're reading this or any other craft blog you will be infected by this fantastic past time.... Go on give it a try ... You know you want to....

Shall post pictures of whatever I come up with today later if thats OK.

Love to all


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Keeping to my promise followers

Hi Followers

I promised you all that I would make a pact to blog each and every day ... So here I am. I've been making more and more friends on the internet through and on and there are truly some lovely people out there around the world who share my passion for crafting.

Most are very inspirational and enjoy this wonderful passion as much as I do.

I have been fortunate enough to start making samples for Create and Craft TV and I have been having an absolute blast.

My work was shown yesterday on their blockbuster day... How proud am I??

I have so many ideas running around in my head and so many projects to upload so please bear with me.

I recently became friends with a lady called Cookie in NY and I have been helping her with a Cricut problem she has had. She is so funny ... Thankyou Cookie for becoming my friend.

Well I am back to work now ... well after I've made a cuppa. Then I shall look forward to going home to upload my projects from

Love to all